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An Altogether Different View!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Hey there! My name is Addarsh K Shrivastava. I have recently joined the team here at “Calm during COVID-19”.

Well, a lot of people have a real pessimistic - curse like - view on this nation-wide lockdown. If you are one of those, I can assure you it’s not. The whole thing about this situation depends on the way we see it, or rather the way we ‘want to see it’. Thus, if we try to read between the lines, see a bigger picture, or get “an altogether different view”, you will soon realize that this “lockdown” is actually not at all a ‘lock-down’, rather an opportunity, a break, a blessing…..

See my idea is clearly simple. Why not take this period as an opportunity rather than viewing it as a curse, why not do all the things we wished if we could get a day off from school/office/work, to do them. Getting it? Yes! This time can be bliss if you had one of such desires. Well, let’s get into some details….

1. Revisal of the “I will learn this the minute I get free from work” assertion.

Count me in the list, I believe a lot of us have said such statements to ourselves like, “I will learn to play guitar as soon as my exams get over” or like, “I will continue my drums when I am done with this job project”, etc. etc. Well, if you are one of us, then drinks are on you (not if you are under 18, well so am I :)) as this is the time for it. Our long-awaited break in which we had planned to cover a new talent, play a new instrument, or even excel on talents we had learned before, has actually arrived. Anything that separates you and your goal is your will ((and of course ‘net’, as things have to be learned online now! ). So why not do it!

2. A chance to learn something “out of the box!”

Ever had the idea to learn a new language, but you couldn’t do it because you were already consumed enough in your school/office work, to spare no time for it? Well, you probably know the answer know! This is a rebirth of time, use it to learn something new, something that is unusually amazing, something “out of the box”, cover up a new language to add to your skills or just do a course of computer coding or artificial intelligence to just make you stand out of the herd. Time is at your command now, and I believe you would want it to do some wonders for you!

3. Undo the done mistakes

Well let’s not get on to those hideous life regrets some of us may have in our minds…let's start with something simple and do-able. Common mistakes that are more of a product of your situations are the ones I am talking about. For example, you were too engrossed preparing for school exams and have gained tons of weight or maybe for job people who received too many complaints about not providing time to their family, and thousands more, you know it, I know it because you know it. Well, what’s the issue now? You have the time, the energy, and a driving force as you know this a mistake you are undoing. Join a gym trainer who makes you do a workout with instructions on a video call (it's literally a trend now!), in the company of hundreds more participating like you or just simply put down the Netflix and play cards with your parents or children (or both, that's just better! ).

To be really honest this list is unending, but my motive was to give an idea, an example of the innumerous things we all can cover in this lockdown, to take this not as a waste of time or a medium of boredom, but as an opportunity, which has come straight to knock at your door…..Open it and see it do the wonders!

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