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Beat the blues of this coronavirus curfew

Hi! My name is Eshaan Walia.I recently joined the Calm During Covid-19 team here, due to my strong feelings regarding mental health and emotions during these strange, scary times.

Now we all know various governments across the world have introduced some kind of social distancing policy or instruction, from less stricter measures to a national lockdown in some countries. What a lot us don’t express however is how this makes us feel,sitting at home bored to tears or even a little lonely. Well, you’re not alone. We‘re all in this together! I can’t stress this enough : IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE SOCIAL DURING PANDEMIC.

No matter where you are or where your relatives or friends are, in today’s day age there are innumerable ways to stay in touch or spend time with them. Be it Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook WhatsApp or even Discord for that matter, stay connected. Everyone’s feeling the same way, trust me. I’m literally dying of boredom no matter what I do (*oof*) but since you can’t step out of the house physically, you can do it virtually.

Go make a TikTok and share it to your friends or relatives.Perhaps, you could play PUBG or Fortnite or Ludo (as is the trend these days) with them 🤷🏼‍♂️. I regularly talk to my friends and family through these online platforms and even see their faces via Zoom and Webex. Just yesterday I talked to my aunt and uncle who live in London over Houseparty.

While you‘re at it (being a social butterely for a while) dont forget to spend some of that time with those who live with you. Don’t take them for granted. Try to play board games or go outside with them and have fun ( if you have a garden ) or maybe just watch Netflix/Amazon Prime Video/Hotstar with them, whatever floats your boat! If you start being a tad more social, I promise you’ll feel much better!


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