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  • Samiha Singh

Dress to reduce stress & increase productivity!!

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Hello!! This may sound weird, but I have been dressing up (at home) for the tasks I've been doing and also to prevent sleep (wearing anything except sweatpants greatly reduces the probability of accidental naps)! Anyhoo, today, I dressed up in a Hawaiian shirt for a Hawaiian themed dinner (which nobody else followed but alas, I tried) and then, when I went for a walk, I changed into my exercise clothes. I found that wearing the clothes forced me to actually do the activity and the themes for dinner also just added some spice to an otherwise boring thing. Additionally, when I started writing this post, I wore a shirt with pants to get into a work headspace and I found that it helped along with of course, sitting in my study space and listening to music.

So my tip to you is: DRESS UP!! Add some spice to your quarantine life (rhyme hehe)!

#tips #calmduringcovid19

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