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Connecting while Distancing

Just because we are physically distancing doesn't mean you have to distance yourself from your friends. Here are a few ways I've been connecting with my friends during these difficult times: - Lots and Lots of Video calling. Sometimes you don't even have to talk, just call them and enjoy their company while you do other things. Have lunch together virtually, or have dance parties. The options are endless. - Play online games! Some apps you can download • UNO! All of us love a good game of UNO right? • Ludo. You can always play a fun game of Ludo. • Psych • House party - play games like heads up and cards against humanity while video-calling • Evil Apples - Cards Against Humanity is always fun. Always. •Scribble! - Netflix Party! Amazing feature by Netflix. Netflix and Chill is fun, but nothing is better than Netflix and chill with friends. - And there's always the good old texting and calling. In these trying times, stay together. Connect while distancing!

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