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  • Samiha Singh

Create a Routine during Quarantine!


I'd like to share one of the best tips I've received to keep my anxiety at bay during this lockdown is to create a routine.

I do not mean to create an 8 am-3 pm school routine, but a routine that will just provide some structure to your life. And this could take many different forms. If you're like me and stay up till 4/5 am every night (or shall I see early morning?), you could wake up between 12-2 pm. It is very very important to prioritise yourself. It's okay to not have the same sleep schedule as everyone else and you don't need to force your body to conform to that (as long as you're not disturbing those who you live with, it should be okay). Make sure to include the following in your routine (to take care of yourself & prioritise your wellbeing) though:

1. Exercise - walking, yoga, jogging, running, at-home workouts, dancing, Zumba, anything! Please ensure you get some exercise to boost your mood and positivity!! (It is scientifically proven!!)

2. Healthy meals - please make sure you are eating well and consuming a balanced diet. Drink enough water as well of course.

3. Time for yourself - just thinking, reading, listening to music, meditating, or maybe indulging in something creative like writing, baking, cooking, songwriting, poetry anything!!!

4. Social time - take time to deepen your relationships and talk to your family/friends. Human beings are inherently social and talking to people we love can boost our mood a lot and make us feel less lonely.

Optional activities:

5. Learning a new skill - we will be creating a skills section but you teach yourself how to play guitar (long-term) or how to cook a certain dish (short-term) and this could be a great way to relax and unwind every day!

Some resources to use:

To create a schedule,

Use google calendar or the calendar on your phone/laptop/device to actually create a routine or pen and paper - doing this physically actually helps in registering it

To exercise,

1. Youtube and ChloeTing in particular

2. Sworkit App on the App Store & Google Play Store

To meditate,

1. Headspace App

2. Simple Habit App on the App Store & Google Play Store

To read,

1. Kindle App on the App Store & Google Play Store

2. Hardcover books (hehe!)

To write (songs or poetry or anything),

1. Notes app on your device

2. OneNote App on the App Store & Google Play Store or Online

Let me know if you try any of these and what you think in the comments! If you have better apps & resources, we would love to know so please share them :)

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