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Design Your Own Workout

I would like to share my ideas through which people can keep themselves healthy through physical exercises during this quarantine.

Before quarantine, I would frequent to the gym and follow a routine cycle of workout exercises to keep my self-fit. During this quarantine, movement outside is now restricted for everyone. Keeping ourselves entertained now is a difficult task. I think I speak for almost everyone when I speak that we have spent our time looking for everything possible in the virtual world.

During this troubled time, keeping yourself physically active is essential. Spending our time online connecting to your friends can help us stay mentally healthy and sane. To keep me physically healthy, I have designed a series of exercises online with the help of different websites.

I would recommend everyone to take some time out from your day and get any type of physical activity in order to maintain their health. Lack of physical activities can impact our health in ways not known to many people. Physical activity reduces our chance of a disease related to our cardiovascular health. Many pieces of research have shown that a lack of activity can increase the anxiety level and depression.

Take time out of your lives, Increase your Physical Activity, Stay Fit, #WorkoutWednessday


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