• Samiha Singh

Different ways at succeeding with reading

Hi guys, today I want to talk about different ways to read. Reading has made a massive comeback with the current lockdown situation and it is an absolutely amazing hobby that allows us to learn, gain empathy, and overall, in my opinion, improve as people.

When we think of reading, we normally picture something like the image below. A paper book and a fuzzy, warm feeling. Reading like this is my favorite. However, with endless time to experiment in quarantine, I have realised it may not be the best always.

For starters, when reading in bed, as I usually do, it's so hard to be lying down on one side and flip the pages or just hold the book in place with one hand. It's also quite annoying with the light required and can disturb others if sharing a room (trust me, this happens a lot in boarding school). It still is my favorite though, but I have explored audiobooks and Kindle/eBooks and am kind of just providing a review on those.

Audiobooks are simply amazing when reading lighter content eg. romantic novels and definitely, not a history book. It's easy to pay attention and access it even while commuting although, that's not happening with quarantine. More than that, it helps a lot with sleeping, for me, I struggle with sleep and so listening to a book and setting a timer until my phone stops playing the book helps me fall asleep to the story. And with the uncertainty we are facing right now, I know sleep can be problematic for a lot of us, which is why I would absolutely recommend trying these. Some of the best free audiobook services are LibriVox and Loyal Books so feel free to use them. Even Spotify has a few free audiobooks!

For eBooks, there are very few free websites (usually, illegal) and people usually buy eBooks either on the Kindle app (available on iOS and Android) or on iBooks or directly onto their devices. eBooks are great because you can read books that are denser and could require re-reading certain parts on your phone and these are always accessible. Additionally, with eBooks, you wouldn't be disturbing anyone by reading it on your phone or any device. However, it would be bad for your eyes and so, I would recommend either reading when there are plenty of other light sources or if you have a Kindle, using that.

Overall, I'd highly recommend trying audiobooks, seriously, they are amazing!!

Let me know your experience with reading in different ways in the comments below!

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