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  • Manvi Nahar

Don't worry, there's still some good news!

If you're feeling low, here are some headlines that'll cheer you up during these hard times!!

Pakistan Hires Thousands of Newly-Unemployed Labourers for Ambitious 10 Billion Tree-Planting Initiative.

Countries Hit Hardest By COVID-19 Are Starting to Lift Social Restrictions After Encouraging New Recovery Rates.

Record-Breaking Amounts of Solar Electricity Generated in Germany After String of Sunny Days.

Newly-Developed Enzyme That Breaks Down Plastic Bottles in Hours is On Track to Change the Recycling Game.

Himalayan Mountaintops Visible for the First Time in 30 Years as Air Pollution Continues to Plummet in India.

Happy 60th Birthday to Madagascar! World’s Most Biodiverse Island Gets Gift of 60 Million Trees.

Homeless People From California to France Are Being Given Emergency Shelter During COVID-19 Response.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Are Offering Up Their Antibodies to Help Research Coronavirus Treatments.

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