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  • Siddhant Arora

Dopamine Detox Day!

Hey guys! My name is Siddhant. I just joined the team here at ‘Calm during COVID-19’.

I recently tried something that really helped me hone in my anxiety levels. I’m not particularly scared of the pandemic, it’s just sitting inside all day watching Netflix also causes stress (Makes no sense, right? But keep reading!).

Ok. Here’s what I mean. When you do something like scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube, you get an instant rush of dopamine, the happy hormone. But ironically, if you get too much of it your body starts to get less sensitive towards it. This means during situations like nowadays, our bodies don’t register the excess dopamine. This makes us feel low, so to speak.

Luckily there’s a simple fix- A Dopamine detox. Ignore your phone for a day. Don’t spend your time on Amazon prime. If you have a lawn or terrace, sit outside. Maybe read a book, exercise or cook something interesting (here’s a tasty quarantine special list :)). Relax those dopamine receptors and let them recover.

The way you approach this might depend on you and your routine. You can go all out and fast as well or you can take it easy by picking one thing to ignore. Check out the YouTube videos in the bibliography to get a better idea (and don’t get carried away in your recommendations!!).

Trust me, your body will thank you the next day and you will have new energy.


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