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Good vibes!

Don’t you ever feel like running away to someplace far where you can give your mind a break that it deserves? Well, I most certainly feel that way. I get up every morning thinking, wow nothing new, the same freaking day, no routine, no outing, and no sports… But that’s where we go wrong. Our mind gets involved in the negative side that it forgets about the good things that we can do!

  1. Lockdown is giving us the opportunity to spend time with our families. Like when do you ever get this time?

  2. We are getting sufficient sleep. When we don’t have to commute long distances to get to work, we can get a little more sleep.

  3. We are eating healthier. Most restaurants and delivery services have stopped. Many of us have also become cautious about eating outside food because we don’t want to catch COVID-19. As a result, more of us are eating home-cooked food.

  4. Working out more. The extra time on our hands and the worry of gaining weight have prompted many people to start working out at home. From yoga and meditation to energetic Zumba sessions, people all over the world are getting creative with their home workouts.

  5. Learning new stuff. We can learn to cook, do summer courses, and learn to manage your time well.

Hope these positive vibes help!

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