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  • Samiha Singh

Let's Build Our Happiness Toolbox

Lately, I've been diving into positive psychology and the science behind that. While doing this research, I uncovered some methods, backed by science, that have been shown to boost our wellbeing. Given the challenging times that we are all experiencing, I thought I should share two of the techniques that helped me out the most.

Practice #1: Three Good Things (link for more instructions)

So, in this, you're supposed to write down three good things that happened to you in a day, but instead of just listing them, you dive into the specifics. Eg. you write the title, what happened, what you did/said, what someone else did/said (if there were other people involved), how did it make you feel at the time, how do you feel now, and what caused the event. The most important part of this is analyzing what caused the event because that enables you to connect the dots and understand how your actions directly influence your happiness. It teaches us, through practice, that our happiness is under our control and by understanding what makes us happy, we can do more of it. It also functions like a detailed gratitude journal :)

Practice #2: Strength Tracker

For this, basically, you take a strength quiz (available here) and you track your top 4 strengths (or more) every day. For instance, my top strength was kindness and one thing I did today was check-in on a loved one and provide emotional support as we tried to work through their troubles. The best part about this practice is that it constantly pushes you to encourage in more daily activities that use your strengths in a positive way, thereby, helping you grow as a person and making a difference in other's lives.

I hope you try these out and if you have any questions or want to discuss your progress, please reach out to us!

Stay happy and healthy!

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