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  • Samiha Singh

Here's to all the mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there: grandmums, working mums, trying-to-be mums, pet mums, working from home mums, homemaking mums, WE LOVE YOU!

We, often, tend to take our mothers for granted. We overlook the effort they put into making our lunchboxes perfect, cooking our favourite meals, doing our homework after a long day of work, giving us the best hugs and kisses, ensuring the household runs smoothly, protecting us from all the bad things and most of all, teaching us how to love selflessly.

Mums do it all without ever letting us know how difficult it can get at times and how they are human too. And so, in honour of Mother's Day, I encourage all of you to write a love letter to your mothers, telling them how much we appreciate every little thing they do for us and how amazing they are. A template is attached and can be found on our Instagram Stories as well :)

Stay safe and enjoy with your mums!

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