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Here's why Chai remains timeless despite ongoing food trends

Updated: May 20, 2020

In the last couple of months, We've all heard of the infamous dalgona coffee - been there, tried it- makes for the perfect Instagram story, and was all over feeds and for you pages.

Lets be honest, dalgona coffee may have been the one of the most viral and latest food trends on the internet, but Indians have been making the "pheti hui coffee" since years.

In a world full of tasty trends, I'd always prefer a cup of chai in my hand, and I think most of you would agree with me. We've seen the dalgona trend fade away but here's why Chai is timeless:

  1. ‌It reminds too much of home, where on a rainy day the only thing you needed was a discussion on politics with your family with a cup of chai in one hand and pakoras in the other.

  2. Chai reeks of memories - we all have some warm memories associated with it and there's always this feel good factor. The smell of chai takes me back to this one christmas eve when all the restaurants and clubs were crowded but my friends and i (like always) found our safe haven at our favourite chaiwala's nukkad shop.

  3. Unlike the dalgona coffee which no matter what you do floats on top of your milk, each sip of tea is a kaleidoscope of flavours, the perfect combination of ginger, cardamom , saffron and sugar.

  4. Growing up in a traditional Indian home, chai was the ultimate forbidden love. I was told that I can't drink chai because I'm too young or that it's too addictive and that naturally makes chai my no.1 drink.

  5. Drinking chai is almost poetic and there's always space for imagination. It's easy to imagine when you're on the terrace or looking into the balcony, the wind's blowing into your face and you're drinking chai that life is finally good.

-By devika jhunjhunwala.

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