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How To Cope With Anxiety

As humans, we’re super tuned to having a sense of familiarity that we attribute to a routine, so it makes sense for us to suddenly feel like we’ve been thrown into the deep end when that whole routine is uprooted and we’re confined to the walls of our house. If you’re dealing with some anxiety over lacking a routine, whether it’s going to school or work, or just going out for a meal or a walk, here are some ways that you can help curb the anxiety.

1. Meditate

Meditation is one of the best ways to just bring everything back to yourself and really connect with your inner voice on your own terms. Whether it’s at night just before you sleep, or first thing when you wake up, meditation has been shown to boost concentration and attention. It also reduces stress levels and anxiety, making it a great way to just be with yourself and your thoughts. Here are some apps that are great for meditation:

  • Headspace, for guided meditation

  • Calm Harm, with various coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression

  • Smiling Mind, relaxing solutions for the whole family

  • Insight Timer, for talks by proponents of meditation and guided sessions

2. Engage in a social activity

Whether it’s gardening with your family, playing a game on game night, or just watching a movie, social activities heighten interpersonal skills and enhance the brain’s neural networks. Activities like these will reduce your anxiety subconsciously because more of your energy is going towards building those stronger, healthier, long-term bonds with the people you love, instead of worrying thoughts.

3. Make it a spa day or night

Self-love is the best love, people. For many, that may manifest itself by a full-blown spa day- or night! Throw on a face mask, put on a candle or three, and play your favourite music. Winding down with a mask might help to take your mind off things- and hey, you can even meditate while you’re at it!

4. Open up a book

Now’s the time to start up on the book that you’ve been putting off for a while, for whatever reason. Read more during this time- you’ll get absorbed into the world of your book and suddenly any fears you have will seem a lot smaller, thanks to the stimulation of your right brain. This part of your brain is more creative and intuitive and activates as you get sucked into your story. Check out our book club here!

I hope that these strategies can help you overcome some of your anxiety and worries about the pandemic. It’s definitely a worrying time for us all, but don’t let it affect you so much. Mental health is the most important thing during an unprecedented time like this!

Advait, CalmDuringCOVID19 Team

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