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  • Siddhant Arora

How to deal with Uncertainty.

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of time to think about uncertainty and how people deal with it. The way people react can be wildly different, but here I am going to give you some guidelines to make sure you don’t give in to avoidable situations.

Someone once told me of the kind of people in a zombie apocalypse. This isn’t what we’re going through but it sure is relatable.

There are two kinds of people who are under-prepared: the ones who panic and the ones who stay calm. The panic is caused by ignoring the problem for far too long and the calm by trusting the wrong sources. In the end they are both attacked by zombies as they are not prepared.

Similarly, there are two kinds of people who are prepared: Panicky and calm people. Here, panicky people represent the ones who buy an year’s supply of canned food and toilet paper (which they will now need as panic has been shown to cause diarrhea). They compromise others over themselves and lose human contact. Hence, they are also attacked by zombies. Finally, there are the calm prepared people, they don’t hoard but they keep a supply. They care for others and have support. Hence, they come out of the apocalypse with minimal damage.

So how can you be calm and prepared?

You get information from trusted sources.

You make a plan to stay safe (this includes physical distancing and maintain a sustainable supply).

Now you stay calm, you have done all you could.

You modify your plan if new information gets out.

You must accept that in life some things are bound to uncertain. This is one of those things. You look at the big picture, the odds of us surviving if we are prepared dwarf the other possibility. Keep that in mind. Stay safe. Stay prepared. Stay calm. #SelfcareSaturday

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