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  • Siddhant Arora

Intermittent Fasting while you're Relaxing

The most common weight loss method by far is fasting. But anyone whose tried it knows how that goes. You don't gain nutrition as well when you fast for long periods. You lose energy. You generally end up sleeping more, or you can’t sleep at all. Also it is pretty hard ignoring all the food in your house when you have self-isolated.

Well, what if I tell you that there is a solution to this apparent problem. Let me introduce you to intermittent fasting. Its really quite simple, you set a window of 8 hours during the day when you can eat, the rest of the day you don’t eat. The catch is you can consume the same amount of food as you would in those 8 hours as you do in an entire day and you won’t really gain any weight!

So how does this happen? Your cells require energy to function, but if there is more available than needed, a hormone called insulin causes the excess to get stored in fat cell in the form of…. well, fat.

Not eating for a couple of hours reduces your insulin levels significantly, allowing those fat cells to release their energy and voila, you are fasting without a reduction in your diet. Just a change in the time in which you consume that food.

This sort of fasting also increases your growth hormone levels, which can aid in muscle growth and even height if you happen to be a teenager. So if you worry fasting will be bad for those ripped arms, they’re not!

An easy way of implementing this can be to eat from 8 am to 4 pm, so cover your day meals and skip dinner. This way you spend the majority of your fasting time when you are sleeping so you don’t really feel hungry!

That’s it for today guys. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.


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