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Is binge watching good?

Binge-watching is the practice of watching numerous episodes of a television program continuously. We all binge-watch these days don’t we? Well it can be good only to a certain extent. In times of stress, binge-watching helps by you by escaping from reality and takes your mind to another place. It is also good because it promotes public conversations. This can be said because these days Netflix has become extremely popular, half the conversations between people are filled with talks about shows and movies they have been watching.

Did you know that Netflix uses multiple tricks to nudge us to watch more episodes? One of the tricks is called autoplay. When an episode finishes, the next episode automatically loads so that we don’t stop watching the show. This is one of the major features used by Netflix to promote binge-watching culture.

But if you think binge-watching is all good then well, you’re wrong. Binge-watching can increase the risk of major health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. If you want to watch television for a longer period of time watch it by taking mini-breaks in the middle. For example: Set a timer for 45 mins so after every 45 mins of watching a show, you give yourself a break to stretch. Then you can also make yourself earn each episode. Do something productive like read a book or exercise and if you don’t do that you don’t get to watch the episode. So it’s like a rule if you do that then you get that.

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