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Mojito - But With a Big Twist!

I know I know, and you are not the only one who is missing those brain-freezers, the party chillers, be that a Coke, without which pizzas, for most, have no value, the "Blue Lagoons" served in almost every party, a "Cold Coffee" of the CCD, or the glass of the all-time favorite 'cheers': a Mojito!

Well, I think I have got it covered. Anyways what's better than 5 of 'em; all being completely different - a unique twist to each. So, all you need is to get out of that bed and serve yourself with these beautiful delicacies!

Choose one for yourself or better try them all, the only limitation is you.

Here's something that will help you out! Happy Mojito!

Just avoid 'Rum' if you are under 18, you can use water instead :)

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