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Not getting enough sleep?

So recently I have been not getting enough sleep, Until last week I was not sure why. But then I found this video wherein they talk about things that promote insomnia(the inability to sleep) and what all are the requirements to have a good sleep. So I’d like to share a few of the tips and tricks that I saw and might help you if you’re facing the same problem.

1. First of all, before sleeping make sure that you do complete all the goals that you were aiming to finish that day otherwise this might result in a constant flowing of thoughts at night, as you probably will be stressed by thinking about all the work pressure you will have for the next day.

2. Make a comfortable bedtime ritual for yourself. When you were little, your parents probably used to tuck you in bed or read you a story so you could have a good sleep, but now as you are getting older, you need to design your own bedtime ritual. It’s pretty easy to do so, you can take a warm bath right before going to bed or you can read a book or drink a cup of decaf tea. Anything will help.

3. The most important thing to follow, Keep your phone away! Just don’t grab that thing for at least an hour before you sleep. One trick to keep your phone away from you can be placing it away from your bed. Put your phone on airplane mode and place it on your study table or something so you won’t get any notifications and also won’t get tempted to use it during bedtime.

4. Do a little bit of yoga, after a long day your body is tenser and it makes it more difficult to relax, stretching will allow your muscles to be more relaxed.

5. Using lavender scented diffuser during night time. Studies have shown that when exposed to lavender, people reported a 20% better overall sleep experience.

6. One last tip that works instantly! While lying down on your bed frustrated from not sleeping, try lying down straight and placing your feet on your bed in a way that they are perpendicular to the bed. This will immediately send signals to your brain and help you relax.

Overall, you should sleep for about 7-8 hours every-day to keep yourself active for the next day! Hope this helps!!

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