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Online school 101

With the onset of Corona most schools have switched to an online method of teaching. Due to this being a completely new concept to most of us, we are finding it difficult to adapt to it. So here’s an online school guide that’ll make sure that ur 100% ready and on track. 1. Most of us Indian kids aren’t completely used to having our electronic devices around, especially since they aren’t allowed at school. Therefore, to minimize any distractions keep ur phones/any other devices that u aren’t using for school, in another room. 2. NO SNACKING- not only is it going to make you eat unhealthy amounts of junk food but it with no fixed timing of ur meals it will totally mess ur stomach up. 3. MAKE NOTES- make notes just as you would at school (make sure they’re presentable too tho) with all ur fancy highlighters and pens of course, to keep you motivated. 4. CREATE THE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT- this is something that I’ve struggled with, especially living in a brown family with an annoying brother does not help at all. But it is necessary to set your boundaries while studying to ensure maximum productivity. 5. DO YOUR HOMEWORK- you might get away with it right now by blaming it on your internet, but trust me, doing all that homework one week before school re-opens is never a good feeling. Other than studying, it is just as important to spend time on everything else. So spend time with your family, listen to your favourite

music, watch your favourite shows. But do study too!

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