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  • Devika Jhunjhunwala

Pancake cereal : weird or genius?

Pancakes, but make them cereal!

Of all the crazy food crossover possibilities who would've thought of this one?

I think we've all gracefully accepted cronuts but pancake cereal - Is it batshit genius or absolutely crazy- I, for one, think its both.

With over 1.1B views on #pancakecereal on tiktok, mini pancakes are all the new rage and if you're bored enough like me, you've probably seen it on your Instagram or tiktok page.

What is it you ask? Imagine freshly made mini pancakes in a bowl - and there you have it!

It's actually quite simple to make, use a mix or prepare pancake batter from scratch, pour into a squeeze bottle and get ready to flip.

As we head towards day god-knows-what of lockdown, people are going nuts with what they eat. Some people like it better than the normal pancakes and this has inspired so many other cereal trends like cookie, mini-doughnuts, brownie, butter crossiant, chocolate filled cone cereals.

Sounds dumb, i know, but don't judge we're just bored in the house!

Hop on the trend and revamp your breakfast bowl! Feel free to go crazy and just have fun when you're making them. Stay a little healthier with that sweet honey drizzle and the pink berries or go all in with oreos, nutella and chocolate sauce. Put in milk (i wouldn't suggest that at all) or don't.

Go wild with your breakfast bowl of mini pancakes!

Really, the possibilities are endless.

So, genius or weird? You decide.

-By Devika Jhunjhunwala.

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