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Quarantine birthday ideas

So it’s my birthday this Friday. I’ve thought a lot about what I wanted to do, because this isn’t really how I saw myself spending my sixteenth birthday (did anyone?) But after quite a bit of thinking I’ve come up with stuff that’ll help make it feel more like a birthday. These are some ideas to celebrate!

-Make yourself cake

It’s probably the only time you’ll do it. I’m planning to make my cake at midnight, so I have cake to wake up to in the morning:) Also the cool part about making our own cake is that you can customise it completely and go as crazy as you want. I’m combining three different cake recipes to make what will hopefully be the cake of my dreams.

-Have a zoom call with your friends and family

Just because you can’t see them in person doesn't mean they can’t be with you! Fix a time that works for everyone. To make things even more fun, have the guest of honour join a little later than everyone else and sing them happy birthday!

-Get dressed up

Let’s be real, we’ve all been in sweatpants since quarantine started (I know I have). But I think it’ll be fun to go all out for my birthday. Even if I do nothing else to celebrate, I know if I’m wearing something that’s not an oversized t-shirt, it’ll feel like a special occasion.

-Have a movie night

You could either do this with your family or friends. Even if your friends aren’t with you, you can get a google chrome extension that lets you watch netflix together. Here's a link-

-Have a themed dinner

This will probably help things feel more festive. Try organising a family dinner with a specific theme, complete with dress codes and decoration. I saw someone do one for their birthday where the theme was for everyone to dress like them. The results were as fun as you would imagine.

More than anything, I feel like having a birthday in quarantine is an opportunity to slow down for a bit. Think about the things that really matter. Far too often birthdays become all about gifts and parties when really, they’re about celebrating you as a person, and how far you’ve come. Take some time out to think about that. Also, happy birthday fellow tauruses! (maybe geminis too seeing how things are going!) Have a great day:)

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