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Skip That Warmth ! Lets Get Cold!!

Updated: May 8, 2020

Had too much of the "Hot" side? Hot chocolate, Hot soups and so many other Hot dishes you have been gulping on, since there is no store open to try out the cold, rather, "freezing!" stuff? Well, it's the 21 Century. Every problem gotta have a solution. So for such people, equipped with an undying thirst for cold stuff, I have brought around a simple -so that people like me too can make it - recipe. Presenting you the very unique, the very unusual, the very exquisite and mouthwatering dish - The Chocolate Oreo Bar! (You just got played by a 17-year-old!). Anyways, now that you have read till here, let me assure you its worth a try, yes seriously! Lemme help you out:-

Ingredients + Instructions

  1. Take a few Oreo cookie packets and crush the content while the packet is sealed lock.

  2. Open one end of the packed and fill whipped cream or cold milk till the brim.

  1. Add sticks to it and place it for a deep freeze!

  1. Meanwhile, collect some chocolate shreddings by cutting down on a chocolate bar

  2. Add some butter to it and place it on the stove. Mix well to prepare a nice chocolate dip.

  1. Collect the dip in a glass and add chopped cashews in it.

  1. Once the cream bars are well frozen, pick them out and remove the wrapped completely.

  1. Dip the bar on the warm chocolate- cashew dip and enjoy!

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