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  • Sanshray Bembi

Socializing while Social Distancing

Hi, my name is Sanshray Bembi. I have recently joined the team here at “Calm during COVID-19”.

It was not long ago that I was pointed out for spending a huge amount of my time online. Amidst this pandemic, it appears that gateway to the internet is the only thing keeping us sane. It appears that the online world once thought to be distracting people from their daily life is now the only tie towards it.

Many countries have now issued a nation-wide lockdown to prevent the further spread of this pandemic. This situation for almost everyone means that they can no longer interact with people. With this, people are keeping their emotions and their thoughts unexpressed. Speaking from experience, time can pass in an instant if you distract yourself from life and join the virtual world to spend your time alone.

In today's developed world, no matter what your location, you can now interact with people from all across the world. Some time ago, I spent my evening with my family talking to each other through different online platforms. Through, video calling apps such as Houseparty, and Social media apps, be it Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. The apps thought to take people’s social life away is now the only way to it. Take that Boomers.

Being social does not mean that we all just stick to these apps all day. Believe me, I have been told. To keep myself entertained at this point (nothing works really), I have been exploring different Live events online. The most recent was an online concert, a few days ago. These gateways to social events are now what remains to connect to different people across the world.

A way for socializing while social distancing.


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