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  • Eshaan Walia

Stay Home Stay Safe

Now that the unlock phase I has almost started in India, with religious places, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services; and shopping malls; being permitted to open from June 8, 2020 in many parts of the nation, it is extremely important to emphasise the need to stay home and stay safe. I know how badly all of us teenagers want to go out of our houses and put an end to this boring, mundane routine but we must not forget that despite the ease in restrictions the coronavirus case tally in India is surging. There are approximately 8500 new cases each day! 199,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country. The 6 million mark has been crossed worldwide. This is extremely frightening and we must keep in mind how long it will take for the pandemic situation to improve.

So, yes do go out if you want to on rare occasions but unless absolutely necessary, STAY HOME and STAY SAFE.

Eshaan Walia, Calm during Covid-19

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