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Stop Stressing and Obsessing over your physique

Hi, this is Eshaan Walia again. Going through social media is crazy these days since every one seems to be talking only about one thing- quarantine body goals. You can feel the pressure to lose weight or gain muscle mass from literally everywhere, be it subtly or not so subtly. So all I wanted to remind you about is, without sounding too preachy, that we are surviving through incredibly strange,scary and stressful times. The last thing one needs is additional anxiety. This is why, while staying fit and healthy is important, one must not obsess over the way their body looks right now. It may even take a toll on your mental health. I understand that even though we here at calmduringcovid-19 post blogs about fitness routines and work-outs etc, we want to ensure that you do not feel forced to do this or feel burdened in anyway. Again why it is important to stay healthy,that does not mean trying to achieve unrealistic standards of fitness. Self appreciation and love is as important as ‘self care’.

Lastly, stay home,stay happy and stay safe!

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