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  • Sukriti Gupta


Stress is a psychological condition that we all go through from time to time. Have you all gone through times when you feel like banging your head so hard against the wall that you’ll be able to see through it? Trust me, I have! It’s the worse feeling ever. A few ways that help me during that crisis are: -

Listening to songs!

Listening to songs takes your mind to another place and helps you by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol in your body. I have a few songs that might help you go through rough times!

1. Better by Khalid

2. It wasn’t me (remix) by bear trap music

3. Lucid dreams by Juice WRLD

4. Without me by Halsey

5. Location by Khalid

6. – Sing-off by Madison and Conor


This is one of the things that I do for sure, somehow it just transfers the stress onto the paper. I know that sounds pretty dumb but believe me, it works! One of the sites from where you can search for doodles is Pinterest (

So these are the things that I do and they really help! Try them out!

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