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  • Eshaan Walia

Summer Vacations

I’m sure for most of you the summer vacations have begun. Indeed, it seems like these would probably make for the worst ones ever. That is without a doubt. Coronavirus ain’t going away any time soon! Yet, we must get used to this situation, and as a result we should enjoy these to the fullest. Watch more Netflix,Amazon Prime and Hotstar. Go out if you can ( a neighbourhood park if you deem it safe or your own garden) and play with your family. Talk to your friends on discord or wherever u like!

Also,equally important - make the most of this time. I get it. It seems like the situation is rather chill on the academic and exam front. However, don’t forget that this won’t last forever. You may end up regretting taking studies way too lightly during this time. Go build up your CVs for colleges! Take online courses, build your knowledge and engage in some self development. Trust me, it will all be worth it.


Eshaan Walia

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