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  • Pratham Joshi

Tackling the feeling of permanence and pervasiveness

The way I tackled the feeling of permanence was by studying about pandemics that we have gone through in the past. There are stories of many scientists and medical professionals who during quarantine did some exceptional research and developed concepts that are useful today. Reading about them gives me a feeling of hope that we will get out of this pandemic and our economy will be stronger than ever. Defeating this pandemic will also mean an advancement in science and technology which will be useful if we have another killer virus. This feeling of hope gets me through my day and makes me feel motivated. However, hope and motivation are entirely different from stress.

Now that I am confined at home, I sometimes don't feel like working. This may be because when we were able to travel, we went to tuitions, and seminars, etc. and they all had a purpose. The home was where we used to relax after a tiring day and get some rest. Most of the work we used to do outside of the home. Now, we have to do almost everything at home like school assignments, essays, projects. The problematic fact is that my study table is right beside my bed. Many-a-times I have fallen asleep before completing all the day’s work.

I have found some helpful things and I am sharing them after testing. I completely rearranged the furniture in my room to make sure that I don’t have my bed in sight anymore. I even brought up a table from the basement to make two separate desks, one which has all the electronics and the other has all the books. This helps me focus when I am self-studying. There were some times when I dozed off during class because an assignment kept me up till 3 in the morning. To tackle this, I started standing up the whole time during classes. This was quite helpful and made me focus on the topic going on in class. This confinement had messed up my sleep schedule, and now I seem to have some control over it. Many people create To-Do-Lists every day. However, this practice did not work in my favor because when I see that I was not able to achieve the tasks for the day, I feel demotivated and I do not like to go to the bed feeling like this. To tackle this, I started following a Not-To-Do schedule. This list has tasks that will not benefit me in any way and are not worth my time.

I hope you also benefit from these tricks.


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