• Sanshray Bembi

The curse of the virtual world

Checking and scrolling through social media platforms has become an increasingly popular activity over the last couple of years. Although the majority of peoples’ use of social media is non-problematic towards others or towards themselves, however, there is a small percentage of users that become addicted to social networking sites and engage in excessive or compulsive use.

The escape to the online world can change people. It is an escape hatch for people through which they can be the type of person they are typically not. People ultimately become addicted to their anonymous persona.

Cyber Bullying:

It has now become increasingly common, especially among teenagers, as the digital sphere has expanded and technology has advanced in many ways.


People becoming more and more addicted to social media is one of the growing Problems in today's world. It has caused havoc and troubles in School, Work. and Home.

Spreading Unreliable and False information:

Anyone can literally create false news and can spread like wildfire. It can cause panic and cause severe troubles in society.

Cut Out from Real Life:

Social media can also get you all hooked up and sometimes it can be really hard to recognize your social media habits as problematic. Addiction to social media can cut you out from the real world while you live in the digital world. It can cause loneliness and much more

Wastage of Time:

Social networking is supposed to be fun but by overusing, it can really affect your routine and time schedule It has become a hurdle in your student, professional or personal life.

Awkward Situation:

On occasion, you share some photographs or recordings which you later believe were not suitable. Be that as it may, the harm is as of now done and you can't make a move. There are a few contacts in the rundown – your associates, companions, family, and so on. Your picture may be perceived differently by each of your friends on social networking sites. On the off chance, if they consider you to be a sensible person, they might be stunned to see a picture demonstrating your wild side.

As a favor to yourself and others, take some time of Social media and try to be mindful of what the real world has to offer.

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