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‘The talk’ we need to have

Updated: May 5, 2020

Greetings! Hope you’re all doing well! Today I’ve decided to talk about a certain incident that has blown up amidst the corona virus lockdown and has left people baffled, angry, and utterly disgusted. I’m sure many of you guys, especially those living in Delhi are well aware and know exactly what I’m talk about, but for those of you who don’t, here’s what you need to know. 1. On 3rd May (2020), screenshots of the chats of a group called ‘BOIS LOCKER ROOM’ surfaced. 2.The people who were a part of this group not only shared private conversations, photos of underage girls, but also sexualized, body shamed, objectified them. 3.The teenagers in this group however refused to apologize, and decided to resort to blackmailing these girls by threatening to rape, humiliate and even kill them. Most of the teens in this group were from affluent families and prestigious schools. HERE’S WHAT THIS SHOWS US:

1.Education is never a barometer, none of these kids were uneducated and should’ve know what they were doing was wrong. 2.The ‘Boys will be boys’ mentality is so deeply implanted in the minds of some inhumane people that they continue to give these boys, and boys like them this free pass. 3.Victim blaming, is another method a lot of people resort to. From 40 year old aunties to 18 year old boys, all can be seen commenting on the pages exposing these kids by saying it was the girls’ faults for simply posting their pictures on the internet. But why is this mentality so deeply implanted? Is it the lack of education? The lack of exposure? Or is it the normalization? We don’t exactly know why, but here’s what we know. There are factors which lead to this. Factors like failed parenting perhaps, maybe it’s the lack of exposure at schools, something a large amount of people agree with. From teachers in some schools slut-shaming girls for the length of their skirts, to sexualizing them for something as simple as keeping their hair untied, because apparently it’s ‘distracting’ for the boys. It is clear that women are objectified and sexualized both knowingly and unknowingly.

HERE’S WHAT WE CAN DO: 1.If you do come across somebody who has fallen victim to such group chats, instead of judging them try to think what it’d be like if you were in such a position.

2.Whether you’re a boy or a girl, teach your siblings, friends even elders to be more understanding, kind and mindful. 3. Educate them about what’s right and wrong, tell them about consent and the importance of keeping private information, private. 4.Most importantly, tell them why it’s necessary to stop sexualizing, objectifying, harassing women. Cases like these personally effect and leave an impact on women, like myself leaving us and our parents feeling unsafe and scared. The least one can do is stand up against what’s wrong.

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