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Tips for socializing while distancing

For many people social distancing can be tough to deal with. The truth is, we all need contact with other people. Connections promote wellness. Human connection is essential for good health, especially when life presents situations that can cause increased anxiety.

Here are some tips for staying engaged and connecting with others to stay positive and healthy:

Connect digitally:

Millions of people already depend on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect with people throughout the world. The platforms can be positive ways to communicate with people, learn and share ideas and skills. Make the most of being in touch by interacting with people and groups that use the platforms in a positive way

Reconnect with your family:

Enjoy time at home with your family. All those things you've put off because there was never time can move from your wish list to a to-do list:

Cook and eat dinner together.

Help out with chores

Play board games

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