by Eshaan Walia

TikTok was the second most-downloaded app last year, with 1.5 billion downloads and it still is one of the most popular apps. Once assumed as a channel that’s just for kids, the TikTok user-base is diversifying fast with brands, influencers, YouTubers, parents, and even grandparents joining the fun. To put it simply, we see trends falling in two main categories — music, and not music.

When it comes to music there’s various dances and videos on Get up,Roses,Yummy,Lottery,Say so,Boss Bitch,Get up,Lalala and so on...

Then there’s memes, videos featuring parents,Webex, ASMR as well as various challenges and making food/beverages( Dalgona Coffee for example and what not!

Why Are They Successful?

There are a few running themes on what makes TikTok videos become trends. The top theme we’re seeing is humour. Funny videos get more shares, and people watch them more than once, two factors which are important to the TikTok feed-ranking algorithm.

Videos that have an element of surprise or something unexpected also have a higher chance of going viral, again feeding into shareability and reach.

Relatability also plays a part in what will and won’t become a trend. Videos with zero props that anyone can create at home using TikTok native post-production climb the virality charts the fastest.

Something we find quite refreshing about TikTok’s vibe is the lo-fi style of videos. Post-production is done in the app using native tools, and the editing is focused on transitions, video effects, and sound, more than it is on filters that make you look more tanned or change your face or body.

TikTok’s unique audience separates it from other channels. The majority of TikTokkers are young, so spontaneous, and generous with reactions to content — likes, shares and comments — so videos easily take off reaching hundreds of thousands of views much faster than other platforms.

TikTokkers take trends and put their own spin on them, while the linked music and hashtags are the common thread pulling the remixes together. Overall, what works on TikTok are concepts that people can easily recreate which have an element of fun, surprise, and a track that is both catchy and of-the-moment.



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