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  • Sanshray Bembi

Ways to survive this Quarantine

Living life today is tough, no matter where you live. Currently, almost the entire world is going through quarantine. Over the past couple of months, people have been dependent on social media as it is now our only escape to connect to the people we have in our lives. However, we have been spending too much time online in our lives.

I realize that its the only thing connecting people the real world but it doesn't mean that we can spend countless hours on it. Especially with fake accounts online that can spread rumors to cause a panic. The information about the current situation found online can sometimes be misleading and can create false opinions.

Things to do without Social Media:

Binge Watch TV Shows/Movies:

Discord has a service called Trast, which enables you to screen share your device with your friends. You can now use streaming platforms such as Netflix using Trast and watch shows online with your friends. Netflix also offers an extension for people to use called NetflixParty on chrome to share your shows with your friends.

Take up an Online Course:

There are many courses online which are free and through which you can learn a new skill for yourself. Udemy offers courses through which you can enhance your skills in places such as art and coding. Coursera offers courses related to many academic discipline such as as economic and sciences, if that's what you want.

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