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Work area aesthetics

There are a number of benefits that come from keeping a clean desk. You feel more energetic and you’ll save time not looking for a misplaced notes or books. Studies show a well-organised desk also has some psychological perks.

  • Improve mental stability

  • ·Increase productivity

  • More likely to sleep better

  • Improve focus

  • · Reduce stress

If you’re fastidious for all things tidy, a messy desk will only stress you out. Being too stressed can decrease your productivity, make falling asleep harder. Turn things around by cleaning your desk!

a messy and cluttered room contributes to anxiety and stress. Clutter makes you feel like your work is never done and makes you anxious when thinking about all of the things around you. You are unable to focus and it is harder to process information.

Here are 6 ways to maintain clean and organised workplace:

  1. Place a trash-can within easy reach

  2. Clean your desk regularly

  3. Create a recurring to-do cleaning list of major items

  4. Avoid eating at your desk

  5. Organise your drawers

  6. Throw trash out immediately

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