• Siddhant Arora

Work-out from Home.

Being stuck at home away from a gym should not be an excuse to not work out. A lot of us work out regularly at the gym and the rest of us (eyes on me) would want to but just don’t.

This is a great opportunity for people like me to get into calisthenics. Calisthenics is the fancy word for body-weight exercises. They can be surprisingly effective (or so I read) in reducing weight and building muscle. Don’t get me wrong, they won’t give you arms like Dwayne Johnson, which will require weight training. But they do build muscle endurance and strength and can be done virtually anywhere with a floor! No gym required.

So let’s get into my exercise picks for a 15 minute no fuss morning workout!

1. Jumping Jacks: An excellent cardio to both burn calories and warm up for the other exercises.

2. Squats: Your thigh muscles are extremely important as they help support your weight and provide important mobility. They should be exercised well in any workout routine.

3. Lunges: To continue working out the thigh. While the squat is more front thigh focused, lunges will work back of the thigh as well.

4. Push-ups : We’ve got to use those arms as well, right!

5. Elbow Plank: Builds the shoulders and core.

Feel free to moderate the number of sets and repetitions of each exercise to fit your level. A general rule of thumb is to work out till you reach 70% of your limit. If these are too easy for you, check out the links in the bibliography for some harder stuff.





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