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You're doing just fine

So something very specific has been bothering me lately. Everywhere I look there’s people complaining about how much weight they’re gaining in quarantine and how they’ll look like ‘pusheen the cat when they finally leave the house’, as one Twitter userv very eloquently put it.

Stuff like that just makes me feel bad. I mean, if during a time like this we’re still worried about those extra few pounds- it just shows how prevalent diet culture is. Look, I get it. Weight gain is hard. But consider this for a second- wouldn’t it be weirder if you lived through a global crisis that altered everything about your day to day life and your body didn’t change at all?

What I’m really trying to say is that it’s okay. It’s okay to put on weight. It’s okay to feel insecure sometimes. It’s okay to eat unhealthy some days. Know that it doesn't alter your worth.

Weight gain is our body’s natural response to situations like this. Our bodies can feel the uncertainty. In the midst of a global pandemic, yor body definitely deserves some kindness. Putting weight on is an adaptive method, designed to keep you safe in case of the unavailability of food. I hope you know you’re still the same person and you’re doing okay.

Also, as a side note posts about weight gain during quarantine can be incredibly triggering to those that struggle with eating disorders or body dysmorphia. If nothing else, let’s do it for their sake:)

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